How To Care For Your Newly Delivered Rooted Cuttings

August 27, 2018
Category: Growing Tips

It’s shipping day, and your rooted cuttings are in the box singing, “Signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours!”

Now that the responsibility for their care has passed from us to you, what should you do with your newly delivered plants? We’ve got a few suggestions that will make this a successful transition.

Rooted Cutting Care

Step 1: Track your package to know when it’s going to come in.

This is like estimating the due date for your baby. The predicted time of arrival may not be accurate down to the minute, but you do want to have a general idea.

Fortunately, packages are usually a little more on schedule than babies, and you should at least know what day they will arrive. Don’t pick that day to go on vacation. Make sure you and your crew are ready and available to care for your newly delivered rooted cuttings.

Step 2: Unpack the boxes immediately, and allow your plants to recuperate.

If some of your rooted cuttings have been knocked out of their trays, put them back in the cells to give them their best chance. Just because a plant has been shaken out of its liner, that doesn’t mean it’s not still viable.

If the plants need water, go ahead and water them. If there are any signs of fungus when they arrive, treat for that as soon as possible, and let us know that there was an issue.

If there are any damages, take pictures. To be eligible for return or refund, we like for you to provide photos. And all damage claims must be made within three days of receiving your plants.

Now your plants need to rest, recover, and acclimate to their new environment, just like any out-of-town guest.

Step 3: Transplant your rooted cuttings.

Once your plants have had some time to revive from their trip, go ahead and transplant them into your chosen container. If it’s a strong plant, it can probably be planted the next day. If it’s weaker, or got stressed during delivery, give it some more time.

When you’re ready to transplant, be sure to push the plugs up from the bottom when trying to get them out of the try. Their roots are very tender, and you could yank them all loose if you just grab from the top and pull.

Don’t bother to pull the paper off the soil. This paper is our ellepot wrapper, and it’s designed to disintegrate. It helps protect roots, keep soil in the trays, and makes your transplanting up to 40% faster. When transplanting, just remember to plant the ellepot completely below the soil.

As always, you can call us with specific questions. We guarantee your order to be viable upon arrival, and we do our best to support you in getting your plants to thrive in their new environment.