What to Do With Plants Damaged in Shipment

January 31, 2024
Category: Growing Tips

Some of you may have experienced a situation where your plants arrived in less-than-quality condition because they were damaged during shipment. While the carrier may not care much about your plants, we do. We know that your shipment is more than just an order. Your business is your livelihood. We understand that — which is why we’re going to do what we can to fix the issue.  

One of the biggest threats we face in this industry is the damage that can happen during shipment. We do what we can to ensure the safety of the plants, but once they leave our hands, we cannot control how they are handled. Sometimes, the plants still get tossed. 

We’ve put together a blog on ways you can help protect your plants before they ever leave our facility. And we design our packing process to protect plants as much as possible. However, even when you’ve done everything right, things can still go wrong. When this happens, our claims department steps in. Follow these steps to file a claim.

Accept the box. If you reject the delivery, there is no chance of us getting any money back from the carrier, and you may be missing out on keeping the plants in the shipment that are still viable.

Unpack the box and take pictures of the plants. Taking pictures allows us to start a claim for you, and it gives our growers a chance to offer any advice they have on helping the plants bounce back. If the box is bent or torn at all, take pictures of this as well. 

Then, unpack the box and let the plants sit on your bench. Set the plugs that were tossed from their cell back into their place. We recommend giving them a day or so to bounce back from their journey.

Email or text us. Send your pictures over and give us the heads up. We’ll share any tips we have on nursing damaged plants back to health. We will also start a damage claim for you so that when you have your total losses, all you have to do is send them over, and we will finalize the claim. You can respond to any of the emails we have sent you, and you can text the number at the top of our website.

Pot up what you can. Go through the plants and pot up any that you think may have a chance of survival. If the plants were too cold or hot in the box, give them a few days to acclimate to your weather before planting them in fresh soil. 

Watch them closely. We suggest that you give the plants a few days to acclimate to your weather and have the chance to bounce back. Give them special care and watch them for a few days. 

Send us your total losses. When you’ve had a chance to total your losses, email or text us. We will work with you to send replacements or refund those lost (whatever seems more appropriate).

Damages in shipment are a threat that we will continue to fight. Rest assured that when you face damages in shipment, we are going to do what we can to fix it for you. There are a few things that you can do to guard against damages. Click here to read more.