Return, Refund and Cancellation Policies

Returns or Refunds

For any and all orders we ship, our liability is strictly limited to the purchase price of your order and shall under no circumstances exceed that amount.

While we do our very best to ensure that your order will be viable upon delivery, at times complications may arise. If the plant you receive is not the one you ordered or is delivered in an unviable condition, all claims must be reported to us within 3 days of receipt. Once we receive such notice, there are three options for resolving your claims: we can (1) issue a refund, (2) send you a replacement shipment, or (3) credit the amount to your account to be applied to any future order. While we try to work with customers on a case-by-case basis, any re-shipment is subject to availability at the discretion of North Carolina Farms.

In order for a claim to be processed, it must include photos of damages or losses related to all plants that you seek to return or for which you seek a refund. Photo evidence of damages is necessary for us to file claims with our carriers and correct quality issues within our teams, if necessary. In some cases we will require the plants be returned to us. This is on a case-by-case basis and is at North Carolina Farms' sole discretion.

Upon receiving the notification of the final count for your losses, we will work to determine whether we can replace the lost plants. If we cannot replace the plants due to lack of availability, we can either credit your account for future orders or issue a refund under appropriate circumstances.

For each order we receive, we will issue an acknowledgment of your order confirmation prior to any order leaving our facility. Double check the acknowledgment to ensure that your order has been received properly. If the plants you receive differ from those you ordered, the acknowledgement of order confirmation will determine whether a replacement shipment will be issued.

Additions / Cancellations

For information on additions and cancellations, please see the link below.