Freight Quote

If you are looking for a freight quote, follow this link to get an instant quote to your zipcode.


We have four box sizes which hold 4, 6, 8 or 10 trays. We believe the 8 tray boxes are generally handled better by the carriers and therefore use it whenever possible. The 4 tray boxes are 24"x20"x12". The 8 and 10 tray boxes are 24"x20"x18". Weight 40 pounds (approximately 5 pounds per tray.)

Boxing Surcharge

$1.75 will be added to the price of each tray as a boxing charge. Unrooted cutting orders have a flat boxing charge of $3.00 per box.


Our minimum order policy is as follows: 4 rooted trays, or 600 unrooted cuttings. Any order below minimums is subject to a low-order fee on a graduated scale.
Minimums per variety is one tray for rooted cuttings and 100 plants for unrooted cuttings.

Tray Sizes

Most rooted cuttings are grown in plug trays of 105 cells, billed as 100; some varieties are grown in trays of 50 cells and billed as 50. We have a four tray minimum order policy.

Split Trays

In most cases we can offer split trays. Varieties that are grown in 105 cell count trays can be ordered in units of 35. Varieties that are grown in 50 cell count trays can be ordered in units of 25. The cost of the split tray is 15 cent higher per plant than list price. We can not mix 105 celles and 50 cells in the same tray. So if you order 35 of one variety you would need to finish out that tray with two more selections of plants.


This is our main form of delivery. Unrooted cuttings will ship priority overnight. Rooted plugs normally ship with second day service. If the weather is too cold we will use winter packing. Typically UPS is the cheapest form of delivery for orders less than 30 trays. Each order is unique and we would be happy to quote your specific order if you so desire.

Truck Delivery

We offer grower truck-to-door delivery. Deliveries routes are typically created the week prior to shipment. We may move an order from UPS to Grower Truck if we can match or beat the price of UPS. Deliveries will be quoted by our office upon request.

Air Freight

We ship by air from Charlotte, NC. UPS is preferred for single package shipments in mild weather. If you would like to ship Air freight. Please indicate your desitnation airport and preferred airline in the comments section of the checkout page. There is a $25 fee for delivering the shipment to the airport. The customer is responsible for arranging pickup or delivery from the destination airport.


If you would like to pick up your plants from our facility please give us a call ahead of time so we can be sure and have it ready for you. December through March pickups are only allowed Thursday and Friday. April through November you can pick Monday through Friday. If you need directions please click here to get a PDF with directions (opens in new window).


If there are damages durring shipment or losses to plants after they are received our liability is limited to the purchase price of the plant. We will not be held responsible for loss of sales, materials used, or profits.