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Product CodeT1204
Sold in cases of 200
Price per case: $145.73
Cost Per Item: $0.729
When ordering 6 or more
Price Per Case: $140.13
Cost Per Item: $0.701

North Carolina Farms, Inc.


T series inserts are a part of East Jordan's largest footprint flat and insert system, measuring 10 7/8" x 21 1/4 ". All T Series inserts have a variety of compatible T Series flats to meet any planting requirement. If you order inserts we highly recommend ordering one of the compatible support flats. These inserts are not meant to stand alone. T1204 is a tray of 12 breakaways 4 cell each.

They feature the following for greater efficiency and yield:
  • Instant two-finger de-nesting, insert after insert
  • Consistent cell thickness, producing uniform strength throughout the entire insert and preventing a paper-thin bottom
  • Easy pack separation, due to clean and consistent trim with precise serrations
  • Uniform drainage holes and channels for complete and even drainage of the cell
A606 Quick Reference Guide
No. of Tear Aways12
No. of Cells per Tear Away4
No. of Cells per Tray48
Cell Dimensions W x L x H2 5/16"x1 1/2"x2 5/8"
Volume Per Cell Cubic Inches5.8 cu in
Volume Per Cell Liquid MeasureU.S. 3.21 fl oz
Volume Per Cell Liquid MeasureMetric 95 ml
Packaging Carton200
Packaging Pallet5,400

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