Terms of Service

Who We Are

North Carolina Farms is a family-owned business. Our mission is to grow greenhouse businesses across the country by acting as a wholesaler of our products. As a wholesaler, we do not charge sales tax to our customers, as a benefit to all of our plant purchasers. However, in order to provide this benefit, state law limits the types of consumers to whom we are permitted to sell our plants.

For more information about who we are, please see Our Story.

Who Our Customers Are

In order to save our customers the cost of sales tax, state law requires that we first certify each customer’s intended use for our plants. Unless the customer is a non-profit entity (including things like schools, clubs, and churches), the customer’s intended use for our plants is strictly limited to resale purposes only.

If you’re a retailer who intends to sell our plants to end consumers, that’s perfectly permissible, as end consumers will be the parties who pay the cost of sales tax after final sale. It’s also perfectly fine to purchase our plants with the intent to use and incorporate them into your finished retail products.

Unfortunately, plant retailers and non-profits are the only types of consumers we are permitted to service, as state law prohibits us from selling to end users.

Shipping Information

Scheduling Orders and Shipping Days
Our business operates in accordance with applicable greenhouse industry standards, which are organized into numbered weekly categories. To make things easier for our consumers, we schedule all of our orders for shipping on Monday of each week.

Once our weekly schedule is arranged, your order will be shipped within the current week, pursuant to the schedule. For rooted orders, the typical shipping days are Monday through Wednesday of each week. For unrooted orders, the typical shipping days are Monday through Thursday. Regardless of whether your order is rooted or unrooted, our usual practice is to ship each order on the same day that it’s pulled.

Order Additions
Once you’ve placed an order with us, if you’d like to add an additional item to that order, the additional item must be placed by Wednesday of the week prior to the scheduled week for delivery. Shipment of any additional items, of course, depends on their availability.

Order Cancellations
Any cancellation must be received prior to the production date for that order. The production date for each order varies depending on the order type, but typically ranges from 6-8 weeks for rooted cuttings and is generally limited to 1 week for unrooted cuttings.

Shipping Carrier
When it comes to shipping, we reserve the right to determine the best delivery method for each order. If one of our company trucks is determined to be the best method of delivery, we will automatically select this option. For any other method of delivery, UPS is our preferred carrier for all shipments. For all orders requiring air freight, an additional $25 fee is required to cover the cost of delivery to the air carrier.

Freight Quotes
The exact rate of freight costs for shipping purposes is determined at the point of shipment. While the freight estimates we may provide are typically correct, due to frequent changes in the cost of shipping set by third parties, we are unable to estimate the precise freight costs beforehand with 100% accuracy. If you receive a freight quote online or by telephone, it is important to note that such quotes are estimates only, as carrier rates are subject to frequent change due to various fuel surcharges and the like. Additional changes in freight costs can arise depending on the current height of the plants that you select, which may differ based on crop maturity and growing conditions.

Returns or Refunds
For information on returns or refunds, please see the link below.


Due to the nature of our business and the length of our growing season, the prices displayed on our website and in our printed catalog are subject to change without notice. For the most part, however, our list prices will remain relatively fixed throughout the length of our season, which typically runs from the beginning of July until the end of June. For our summer crops, the growing season remains constant throughout the year, and runs from the beginning of January until the end of December, which includes plants like Christmas cactus, mums, ferns, etc.

Minimum Orders
Each of our cuttings are grown in plug trays of 105 cells, 72 cells, or 50 cells (105 cells are billed as 100, and 72 cells are billed as 70). We do not ship rooted and unrooted plants together. For rooted cuttings, the minimum required order is a total of four trays per shipment. For unrooted cuttings, the minimum order is 600 total cuttings per shipment. The minimum required order amounts apply to each ship date for each category of cuttings, whether rooted or unrooted. If minimum order amounts are not met for each ship date requested, additional charges will apply.

Additional Fees

Winter Packing
In order to provide you with the highest quality plants during times of cold weather, we may elect to use a box insulated with Styrofoam to best protect your plants during the shipping process. For boxed orders requiring insulation, an additional $3 fee will be added for each box required.

RC and URC Orders
There is an additional $1.75 per tray boxing charge on all boxed RC orders, and an additional $3.00 per tray boxing charge on all boxed URC orders.

For some of our patented varieties, tags are required. Any required tag will automatically ship with the product. There is no separate payment required for the tag itself, and the cost of the tag will be added to the final invoice amount. For additional information on patented varieties, see “Propagation Rights” below.

Propagation Rights

For any purchaser of a patented variety plant, propagation is strictly prohibited without proper licensing and payment of royalties to the patent-holding breeder. While we have made every effort to make this information available on our website and in our catalog, it is the responsibility of the end user to verify the applicable propagation rights for each ordered product.

Payment Invoicing and Claims

For any checks that do not clear the bank (bounced checks), we reserve the right to charge an additional fee to handle such matters. Customers with a history of bounced checks may be limited in their purchases to “pre-pay only” customers.

If there is an issue with your invoice, please let us know so that we can resolve the discrepancy.

Any claim regarding invoice discrepancies must be made within 7 working days, beginning on the day that the order is received. Note that this 7-day limit is not to be confused with claims regarding the plants themselves, which must be reported within 3 days after receipt.

We reserve the right to charge an additional monthly fee on any invoice that is more than 30 days overdue.

Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitations on Liability

If any issues arise during the shipment process, our liability for such issues shall be strictly limited to the price of that shipment.

Informational and Educational Use ONLY
We make no warranties related to any of the information included in any of our printed material, on our website, or in connection with any other correspondence with our purchasers. Although we do our best to provide useful and accurate information and growing tips, the use of any such information is undertaken at your own risk, and we disclaim all liability for any issues that may arise in relation thereto.

The information and helpful links that we choose to place on our website are there for educational and convenience purposes only. We make no representation or guarantee that any information provided on our site, or any other sites referenced on our website, is not subject to change, nor do we represent or guarantee the accuracy of any such information. All information we provide, whether on our website or elsewhere, should always be corroborated with other experts who understand your micro-climate and growing conditions.
Any and all material published by us, regardless of format or display, is the property of North Carolina Farms and is owned by and licensed to North Carolina Farms for purposes of publication. Any and all such information, including, but not limited to, photos, images, copy, layout, and appearance of any published matter is not permitted to be republished or reproduced in any medium without our prior written consent.